You don't have time to mess around. With our intelligent remote sensing systems we don't play around with toys that don't get you into position or get blown around proving it hard to get accurate data.


We are all about tech. Let's start with a guided conversation about the trends, the companies we work with, Transport Canada Rules and Regulations, drone breakdown/jobs, Data Analytics, Cloud Robotics, Accuracy and what we have coming up…

Data Collection

Drone data is endless: Difference Vegitation Index, Field Uniformity, Green Vegetation Index, Canapy Cover, NDVI-BLUE, Volume Measurement, Plant Count, Water Pooling and Roof Reports to name a few.


Measure and manage your construction site using our Drone Visual Tools. Civil Construction sites are recognizing the benefits of using drone data as a convenient and affordable way to improve their estimating, designing, progress tracking and reporting.


We know everyone with a drone is a cinematographer these days. We separate ourselves by focusing on landscape, conservation and marine visual studies.


Proud to partner with Canada's fully online courses: Courses get you up to speed with the rules and regulations. Recreationally or professionally.


Estimate faster, cheaper and safer. Keep your project under control. Improve reporting and communication. Your workflow will benefit!