Our experienced pilots and advanced drone equipment deliver the results you require. We work with our clients to tailor the job to get the data you need: safely, efficiently and of top quality.


Let’s start with a guided conversation about what your company’s needs are. TerreSky is at the cutting edge of the drone industry and we want to share the remarkable new applications and efficiencies they bring to the workplace. We will bring our comprehensive knowledge and constant search for innovative applications to your business. We employ data analytics software, machine learning and artificial intelligence to speed up workflows and discover new ways at looking at your data.

Data Collection

The beauty of drone technology is it gets you a highly detailed, aerial perspective not before possible at this scale. Industrial inspections, marine biology, roof inspections, asset management and more, are all made easier through high quality data acquisition. But flying the drone is only half the job. Making all that data accessible, organized and useful, with advanced data analysis capabilities, is what we excel at.


Measure and monitor your construction projects with our aerial tools. Construction sites of all scales are recognizing the value of convenient, safe and cost-effective aerial perspectives and the data they deliver. Take your construction estimating, volumetrics, progress tracking and reporting to the next level.

Aerial Photography & Video

We started in the drone industry as cinematographers and videographers specializing in documenting the planet’s wild landscapes and wildlife, shooting for TV and film productions, expeditions, scientific research and media outlets. Let us lend our creative eye to your endeavours.


We deliver online and custom, in-person training. We are passionate about sharing drone technology and our experience with others. Get your team Transport Canada certified or ask us to build a custom training solution to meet your needs. We are proud to partner with Canada’s premier online training providers Clarion Drones.


Estimate faster, cheaper and safer. Keep your project under control. Improve reporting and communication. Your workflow will benefit!