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We develop the most precise data because it’s our passion! The core of our business is technology and how it relates to industry needs. Our development team and engineers are dedicated to changing the way businesses view the assets and resources they manage. With rich data, drone platforms and the most advanced technologies we can deliver accuracy for any commercial vertical. We have Pilots in every Province and Territories across Canada saving time and money for our clients.


Ryan is the founder of TerreSky, and one of Canada’s most experienced drone pilots. His company, Poesis Media, has been a leader in drone mapping and technologies since 2014. In 2017 he was the chief drone pilot for the Canada C3 expedition, a 25,000 km icebreaker journey which sailed all three of Canada’s coasts. A CFC Media Lab and OCAD alumni, his passion is to push the envelope of discovery between the inherent creative potential of digital technology and its relationship to data collection.

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Alex Taylor’s work is focused in the Canadian Rockies but has taken him all over the world. A love of the polar regions’ incredible landscapes, wildlife, history and culture keep him coming back to these remote locations year after year to guide, teach and fly. Alex has extensive experience as a mountaineer, polar guide, firefighter, human-wildlife conflict technician and photographer.
​Alex’s UAV resume includes aerial filming and photography for Students On Ice Foundation on numerous expeditions to the Arctic, and all along Canada’s coasts for the Canada C3 Expedition in 2017. In the last two years, Alex has conducted extensive aerial penguin surveys and habitat mapping for the British Antarctic Survey scientists on Signy Island.

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